Sunday, May 4, 2008

LL bean Winter Boots

I have had these boots for 3 years now, and were given to me for Christmas (thank you dad and Mary) and have been the only pair of boots aside from military Mickey Mouse boots that could keep my feet warm. I do not know the model name as it isn't written on the boots and I cannot find these particular boots on the L.L. Bean website but i believe that they represent the overall quality of L.L. Bean boots. They are stiff boots because of all the insulation, but one of the most comfortable boots I've work...especially for thick winter boots. They are more comfortable than my walking on air. They aren't terribly light, but for the amount of insulation they are light enough. Like I said, they are extremely warm, yet I don't find my feet sweating, probably due to the breathable uppers. The sole is thick, which i where you lose most of you heat, and the rubber that comes up the sides and over the toes protects your foot from jagged ice and helps the durability of the boot. These boots are waterproof, however, I'm not sure if it's goretex or some other brand. If you need good winter boots I would highly suggest L.L. Bean brand. Take it from someone who's feet get cold once the temps get below 60 degrees.

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