Sunday, May 4, 2008

HSGI tactical Ballcap

I recently bought this hat from High Speed Gear and have been very impressed with it so far. At first I thought that it fit quite snug, even with the elastic back. It took a few hours for me to realize that the elastic back strap was actually adjustable using Velcro hidden under the inner "sweatband" area. I adjusted it to it's longest length and it fit better, but was a little too snug. I added a little more length to the elastic band by sewing some extra Velcro to it and this solved the problem.
The color I chose was the multicam
pattern by Crye Precision. This pattern blends well in all types of environments. There is a subdued American flag on the left side of the hat and a HSGI logo on the right. There is Velcro on the front, back, and top for adding patches and infrared IFF glint tape tabs. This hat seems pretty durable and is well worth the money.

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Duck said...

Great hat, unless you have a large head. To get it to fit you can extend the fit, but 7 3/4 is a no go.

I had one in ACU and Multicam, both fit the same.