Sunday, May 4, 2008

UA Mock Turtleneck, Coldgear

Living in NY and having a job that requires frequent trips outdoors I figured I'd give Under Armour Cold Gear a try. The Mock Turtle neck looked like a good choice since it covers some of the neck and the skin tight fit wouldn't be bulky under a uniform. My experiences with this insulation weren't good, but i believe I know why. I think i got the shirt a bit too small. This shirt is supposed to be a form fitting shirt but I think that if you get it too small it stretches the material and doesn't allow it to insulate very fact it tended to give me chills. The material these shirts are made out of is very durable and if anyone plans on buying one I would suggest that you buy one that's a size bigger than what you would normally wear to give a little more room in the shirt. To me I've always been told that insulation in the cold weather should be a little loose to allow your body heat to warm up the air underneath the clothing which keeps you the form fitting insulating shirt just doesn't make sense to me, but as i have said, that could be because of the fit of the shirt I bought. This shirt normally runs around $50.

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