Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Condor Molle Vest

This vest is made by made by Condor and sold by Cheaper Than Dirt. My younger brother is currently using it for airsoft. This vest is a MOLLE style vest that has 6 rows of MOLLE webbing on the front and 6 rows on the back. There are velcro strips on the front and back as well to add name tapes. This vest is fully adjustable on the shoulders (using velcro) and on the sides (using straps). There are straps on the bottom of the vest to attach a belt, however I found these to be quite snug on the belt. One thing that I noticed right off the bat was that th MOLLE columns nearest the front zipper can't be used to attach a pouch...they are not wide enough. Another thing that Tyler has reported is that the zipper has a tendency to split at times and can be difficult to zip up. There are internal zippered pockets for carrying things like maps, etc. The back of the vest also is a large mesh pocket where you could put a hydration bladeder, however, this pocket is the full size of the back and the bladder would move around significantly. There are D rings on the shoulders to route a hydration tube as well. The shoulders are lightly padded and feature a gripping material for shooting.
This vest has been in use my younger brother for some light airsoft use and he has said that the zipper gives him some
trouble sometimes. There are buckles holding the vest closed as well, so it won't come completely open, but it is a failure point in the vest. Also, there is a small hole that has formed in the padded shoulder area. Aside from this it has held up well.
This vest is available in the following colors: OD, Black, tan, ACU camouflage.


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