Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well G36 Airsoft rifle

This is a full sized replica of a G36C rifle that fires 6mm airsoft BBs. This can be bought at airsplat for a great price. This rifle fires on semi auto as well as full auto using 7.2v rechargeable battery at a approximate speed of 240 fps.
There is a feature called "hop-up" on this r
ifle. This causes backspin on the BB which helps improve accuracy. This is best used with .20gram or heavier BBs.
The magazine included holds 40 rounds and includes a "speed loader" which is just a tube which you put the BBs in and use the included rod to push the BBs into the spring loaded magazine. The magazines can be connected to each other side by side for faster reloading. The rifle comes with 2 barrel attachments as
well...a simulated flash suppressor and a simulated silencer. The stock is collapsible as well and folds to the side. There is a vertical grip, charger, sling, safety glasses, flashlight, laser aiming device, and a battery operated scope included. The laser and scope are adjustable, however, the scope is somewhat difficult to adjust. I noticed a cant to the reticle in the scope. There are also rails on either side of the receiver for attaching the lights or any additional items.
At close distance these BBs do sting at the 240 fps, but they lose speed fairly quick and while noticeable when getting hit, will not leave a mark.
The gun has held up ok however some things have broken on it under light to moderate use. One of the rails broke after the gun was hit on the ground during play. The barrel itself is made of plastic and broke off. The gun is still usable though.
For a beginner gun and a gun to be used lightly this is a good gun. Once you progress out of beginner stages or for more aggressive use I would suggest upgrading.

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