Friday, May 23, 2008

Protec Helmet

This is the classic Protec helmet designed for skateboarding, but used by many tactical and military teams for bump protection (no ballistic protection) while training and on missions. This helmet features a tough ABS shell with EPS foam lining, stainless steel rivets, and a soft webbing chin strap which is adjustable. Comfort is fairly good. After wearing for extended periods once the helmet is broken in the foam can rub a bit on your forehead. If you're going to wear it for extended periods I'd suggest a skull cap to wear underneath. On one of my protec's I used some krylon camouflage paint to break up the outline and it adhered to the gloss black helmet very well. The picture below is one that was dipped in a digital tiger stripe pattern. The only thing I don't like about the helmet, which is only a small inconvenience is that all of the foam is velcroed into the helmet except the top foam, which is glued in. So washing the foam in the top of the helmet requires washing the whole inside of the helmet as it cannot be removed. Not much of a problem, but the only thing I could find wrong, aside from the availability of the helmet in camouflage colors. These are great quality helmets for a good price if you need bump protection. They can be purchased through Brigade Quartermasters along with the B2 style helmet which comes in OD as well as black.
Sizes: sm-xl
More Pictures: Pic1 Pic2

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