Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Condor Hydration Pack

This pack is a hydration style pack made by Condor Tactical and can be purchased through AFMO. My younger brother bought it for holding his airsoft gear and it can hold a decent amount for a day hike or some smaller tactical gear.

It is 17in. tall and 9in. wide and has a main compartment as well as a smaller
compartment and is constructed of 600 Denier nylon.

The smaller compartment has 4 rows and 4 columns of PALS/MOLLE straps on the outside to add additional pouches/gear. The small pouch has a one way zipper and the main pouch has a 2 way zipper, both with pull tabs. The inside features an organizer to keep smaller items organized.

The back of the pack has some areas of mesh padding that are designed the allow air flow between the back and the pack. I have always found these, no matter what the quality of the pack, to be somewhat helpful, but not really that noticeable when it comes to airflow on the back.

This pack also includes a waist and sternum strap to help stabilize the pack when running and when carrying a heavier load. Some descriptions say that it has quick release buckles, which it does on the sternum and waist straps, but not on the shoulder straps.

One feature of the pack that I feel doesn't hold up too well is the hydration bladder (2.5 liter). For one, there is no indication whether it has a microbial coating to prevent mold buildup, like most name brand bladders. There is no way of buying a new "bite valve" if it becomes damaged from use (I imagine you could write directly to the company and get a new one). Also, the drink tube attaches to the bladder by screwing on. It is a plastic screw that looks as if it's easy to damage, and has already caused Tyler some leaking problems. 2 things that are good about the bladder is that it has a large mouth that helps in cleaning and filling with ice. The bite valve also has an on/off feature by pulling out on the valve. There is also a insulated tube cover included. It is unsure how much pressure the hydration system can take before leaking. The bladder slips down between the main pack and the back panel.

Not a bad pack, but not durable for real military applications.

This pack is available in the following colors: OD, Black, coyote tan, ACU camouflage.

Update: On a local hike within 6 months of having the pack, my brother noticed that the top carry handle of this pack pulled off on one side due to weak stitching. The rest of the pack is still intact.

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