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Nite MX20-201 watch

This watch comes to you from the Nite Watch Co. out of the UK and distributed out of Florida. The specific model reviewed here is the MX20 model. The version of this model with the Stainless Steel wrist strap is designated 201. There is also a polymer strap version.

Most times I prefer a rubber wrist strap over metal, so this was really one of the first metal strapped watches I've really worn. My reasoning behind the rubber wrist strap is that it can be easily adjusted to go over outer wear or adjusted for the wrists swelling. However, this watch band hasn't really bothered me too much in this aspect.

For initial sizing it's best to go to a jewelry store or jewelry dept of a dept store over adjusting it yourself. Adjusting for initial fit consists of basically pounding out a pin and taking links out until it's at the right fit for you. I suggest going to a jewelry store because if they break the band doing this they're responsible... where as if you do it you may have just broke your expensive watch band. Before you have this done however there is one thing I suggest doing. On the buckle attachment there is a pin that can be placed in 4 different holes. I suggest putting it in one of the inner holes before getting the watch sized to your wrist. This pin can be removed easily with a safety pin. The reason for this is that once the wrist strap is adjusted this pin will allow you to make very slight adjustments yourself if need be.

While I'm on the subject of the wrist strap I'll cover the rest of the features of this strap.
- Made of gunmetal PVD Stainless Steel
- The wrist strap has a double locking clasp. When removing the watch you'll need to squeeze buttons on both sides of the strap, then there is a locking bar that has to be raised in order for the strap to lengthen. This is super sturdy and I haven't had it come loose yet.
- The black coating on the strap is pretty durable but will rub off a little in high wear areas. I noticed this on the area where my arm would rub against a table when sitting. There is a little wear along the edges of a few of the links, but isn't noticeable unless you're looking for it. Along the same lines, if you look in the picture, when sweating the watch seems to turn your wrist slightly black. I wouldn't have expected this from a watch of this high quality, and it's not dirt collecting under the watch, it's discoloration from the watch itself.

For the actual watch itself, it's a fairly simple design, but is loaded with technology to make it very accurate, durable, and functional. The most noticeable feature which is what the company name is based off of is the tritium vials used to illuminate the face of the watch. Each hour marker has a green tritium marker except the 12 o'clock marker, which is orange. This helps to orient which markers are for which numbers. There is also a green marker on the 12 o'clock spot on the rotating bezel. Tritium generally lasts 10-20 years and glows non-stop, so no matter what light you're in, the tritium is illuminated. This also means you don't have to press any buttons to check the time in low or no light. One thing to remember on a tactical note is that if you need to have strict light discipline you'll want to make sure the face of the watch is covered by a sleeve or something else.

Covering the face of the watch is an ultra thick 3.2mm domed sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflective coating which provides high visibility, scratch resistance and dial protection. I can say I haven't been easy on this watch and there are no scratches to the face at all. Clarity of the face is excellent.

This watch features a screw in crown with double O-ring seals to give it water resistance up to 200 meters. I like the screw down feature as it adds durability and reliability to the watch. At first it rubbed on my hand (wearing it on the left wrist) when my wrist was bent a certain way but my hand got used to it and it doesn't bother me at all now.

The back of the watch is just as nice as the business side. It's laser engraved stainless steel and screws in to the watch to cover the 10 year factory installed battery.

When it comes to telling time this watch is by far the best I've used. I set it when i got it to the atomic clock in our house and it's been 6 months and it's still right on time. This is all due to the Ronda 715.Li.6 Swiss movement. Made in Sweden with swiss parts, this is the best of the swiss watches I've used.

The rotating bezel is a useful feature but I wouldn't rely on it as the sole purpose for timing when it comes to life and death instances like timing your air supply. The reason I say this is because it's rotates nice and smooth, which is a catch 22. It rotates nice and smooth with is nice because it's easy to rotate, but being easy to rotate it can catch on items or rub on your hand and moves easily that way too. But I've also had watches that are damned near impossible to rotate the bezel, which is just useless.

There is also a date window on the face.
The only mechanical issue I've had was that the band fell apart when putting it on my wrist once a few days after having it sized. The pin where it came apart wasn't the one used to size the watch, but i believe the hammering from the sizing loosened it and once i got it hammered back together there haven't been any problems with it since.

I also did notice the tritium dial on the bezel is slightly canted. This isn't a huge issue, but more of an observation.

All in all I've really grown to like this watch. For being a digital watch guy I can say I've been glad to be able to test out this watch. I've worn it 24/7 for six months through all sorts of weather and situations. I haven't babied it at all and it's not skipped a beat....literally. The only thing I'd prefer be improved upon would be this black coloring that transfers to the wrist when sweating. Otherwise a great watch that will serve you well!!!


Diameter: 1.77 Inches

Depth: 0.52" Inches

Weight: 6.06 Ounces


Available at

One thing I forgot to mention in the original review is that this watch will not be wuined like others when it comes into contact with "Off" bug spray or other chemicals. I've seen many watches that have plastic on them melt with use of these chemicals.

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