Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Airsoft BB loader

I picked this airsoft BB loader up from Airsplat to see how it worked. The typical loader included with most airsoft rifles is simply a tube with a stopper at the end that you feed BBs into, place that end into the magazine and then use the included rod to force the BBs into the magazine. This is not very convenient, fast and down right a pain in the butt. Plus, the loader is most times hard to carry on your person without damaging it.

The brand is Exterior Accessories sold at Airsplat(HERE).

This loader comes in a smoke color that you can kinda see through to view how many BBs are in it. I, of course, had to camouflage it (i seem to do that with a lot of gear). It's shaped like a pistol magazine so it'll fit anywhere a pistol mag will.

To use you fill it from the top and close it. Push the "trigger release" button on the side and what I'll call the "loading trigger" pops up. You place the end (where the rounds would be on a real mag) into the rifle magazine and then push down the loading trigger. This pushes several BBs into the magazine. Some times it'll skip a bit and not load any BBs if they haven't fallen down into the loading trigger area, but not a problem, just keep pressing up and down on the loading trigger until your magazine is full. Then you can refill the loader and put it in a mag pouch for use during a game or training.

The only thing you need to be aware of with this loader is to place it in the mag pouch with the loading trigger release button facing out, or away from anything that can press it, just to keep the loading trigger from popping up. If it does it could be broken off. This generally doesn't happen too much, but just something to keep in mind.

Overall these are something you need to order as an accessory for any airsoft gun. Much better and more convenient, and at a cost that's worth it.

Cost at Airsplat: $4.95 (return customers can get a discount)

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