Sunday, July 17, 2011

OC Tactical Mag Pouches

I received these mag pouches quite some time ago and have been using them quite a bit since. OC Tactical is a company that makes custom and hand made tactical gear, ad from my experience I'll add to that QUALITY gear.

The pouches I've been using from OC Tactical are the 30 round and 20 round magazine pouches. The features of each are as follows:
- Each holds 2 magazines
- The entire pouch is made of 2 layers of Cordura
- PALS webbing covering the back.
- Bungee retention cord with cord lock around the front of the magazine. This bungee is replaceable because it is not sewn into the pouch. Another great feature for longer life of the pouch.
- Drainage hole
- Extra material on flap to prevent holes from use.
- Pull tab on flap.

The 20 round mag pouch can also be used for things like GPS units, Cameras, combat bandages, etc, etc.

I have to say that these are some of the best made magazine pouches I've used. The attention to detail is great, the materials are great, and the workmanship is great. Noticing things like the extra cordura material on the flap where a lot of wear comes in from rubbing of the mags are things that really stood out!

Another thing is OC Tactical's use of many different patterns and solid colors that are available. And if you had requests for gear or patterns that aren't up on the site you could email them and work something out.

Each pouch is available without buckle (as shown here) or with a SRB buckle for extra security.

Overall I wouldn't hesitate to turn to OC Tactical for gear used for real world tactical use. The pouches I've been using are excellent in design and durability!

20 Rd mag pouch - $24 w/o buckle
$26 w/buckle
30 Rd mag pouch - $25 w/o buckle
$27 with buckle

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Amanda C. Cates said...

There are really many different uses of mag pouches. There are great advantages as well. It is very practical when out in a rough or difficult area. Plus it is easily accessible for anyone using it.