Thursday, June 3, 2010


My brother bought some of these to try to limit the amount of airsoft BBs laying around the yard at various locations he plays airsoft. Thinking that the biodegradable BBs would be better for the environment and better for the look of the property (they disintegrate in a few days...kind of like a medicine capsule) he started using them... but not for long. They ended up jamming up in the barrel and providing hours of work trying to get them unjammed and the barrel cleaned out.

He had been using them in an electronic airsoft gun (AEG), and thinking that maybe it was too powerful and was breaking the BBs apart, he let my other brother use them in a lower powered spring gun. Same issues as the AEG.

When my son got old enough to want an airsoft gun I got him a very low powered spring gun. Thinking that there was no way these BBs could break open in this gun we gave them a try. No dice, they jammed up in this gun too.

All in all, the idea of the biodegradable BB is great, but for this particular brand I would say steer clear... I haven't had experience with any other brand because we're nervous about having the same problems again.

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