Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blackhawk Force 5 Pack

The Force 5 Pack by Blackhawk is, essentially, the same as their 3-day pack... just marketed as a hydration pack. It includes the Blackhawk Hydration bladder with it. I don't own a Blackhawk 3-day pack, but as far as I can tell the only difference between the 2 is that this one has carabiner loops on the front and includes the bladder. Also included with this pack are 2 straps for attaching sleeping bags or sleeping mats to the bottom.

- Hydration compartment w/bladder.
- Padded shoulder straps with plenty of attachment points.
- Padded back panel to protect you from the inner contents. This also gives the pack some rigidity.
- Attachment points on the bottom for attaching sleeping bags/mats.
- Compression straps on the sides with quick release buckles (QRB).
- "Ice ax" loops on the bottom with matching adjustable loops higher on the pack.
- Carabiner loops on front.
- Front sleeve pocket (half height)
- Full front pocket
- Large main compartment with padded sleeve for hydration bladder.
- Rubber top carry handle
- YKK zippers with Blackhawk zipper pulls
- Waist belt

Overall I really like this pack.

I tried out weight in it and in the video below the weight being carried in it was 70 pounds. This seems to be too much for this pack. Not that the pack has any trouble carrying this weight, but the suspension and the way the pack carries the weight is not at all comfortable. It's not designed for this amount of weight. I'd say you don't want to go over 50 pounds with this pack...30 pounds being probably the best.

I like the features on the pack and haven't found anything wrong with it either in features or quality.


hinkleypoland said...

Very nive review. Thanks for sharing.

johncajunmanbrown said...

Nice review.
What's the advantage of a diagonal zipper on the outside pocket? Seems like the worst of both worlds...

Jake said...

I am really not sure about the diagonal zipper.... not sure the purpose of it being diagonal, but I'm sure there must be a reason....I've just never heard anything regarding it.