Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maxpedition CCW holster

The Maxpedition Universal CCW Holster is one of many items in Maxpedition's hook-and-loop modular accessory line. The holster is simple in design yet works great. It uses the hook portion of hook-and-loop to attach to the loop portion inside many of Maxpedition's bags. You can also find items in 5.11's line that this holster and Maxpedition's other hook-and-loop products will attach to.

The holster is made out of 2 inch wide webbing and you lay your pistol on the flattened out holster and then wrap the retention strap around it and then place it on the loop portion of velcro in your Maxpedition bag. It's that simple. The retention portion of the holster has some rubber like grip material added to it to help retain the pistol, so, you'll want to take that into account when adjusting the holster for the pistol. You won't want it too tight or that rubber will grip and make it difficult to draw your weapon.

I've found this holster to be a great value. It allows you to hold your pistol inside a bag in a safe manner and gives you yet another concealed carry option. Once adjusted right, drawing the pistol is easy and the holster stays in place and doesn't move around.

MSRP: $9.99
Black Only

Will work with the following Maxpedition items (at time of writing)

- Kodiak Gearslinger
- Sitka Gearslinger
- NeatFreak Organizer
- Fatboy Versipack
- Fatboy S-type Versipack
- Jumbo Versipack
- Jumbo S-type Versipack
- Typhoon Gearslinger
- Monsoon Gearslinger
- Condor 2 Backpakc
- Falcon 2 Backpack
- Vulture 2 Backpack
- MPB (Multipurpose Bag)
- Last Resort Tactical Attache
- Operator Tactical Attache

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kevinjb7 said...

I'm pretty impressed by how sturdy it stays. Thanks a lot for the video.