Friday, November 27, 2009


Real Action Paintball (RAP4) is a company that provides military, airsoft, and paintball gear for training and gaming purposes. They also make a good majority of the gear in their catalog. One item I got for testing was a set of RAP4 BDUs in the German Flecktarn pattern. I choose this pattern because it's a pattern that you can't normally find in new BDUs. Normally you have to settle with surplus gear in Flecktarn. RAP4 also has paintball and military load bearing gear, knee/elbow pads, vests, and belts in the Flecktarn pattern.

The Flecktarn pattern is comprised of 3, 4, or 5 colors depending on the pattern you get. It's "splotched" pattern creates a dithering pattern that's disruptive to the human eye.

The set of "cammies" as us Marines call them came with the top, bottom, and boonie hat. They feature the same good features that standard BDUs have and are made of 65/35 polyester/cotton blend material. The material is up to par with the other BDUs that I have in this material. The durability so far has been very impressive.

Boonie hat features:
  1. metal mesh vents
  2. webbing just above brim for adding camouflage.
  3. Chin strap with plastic cord lock, a nice improvement over the leather slider on most boonies.
  4. At the time of this posting only available in Large size...this is about a 7 1/2 size. If it's too big, you just put the chin strap around to the back and tighten it on the back of your head and this helps to size the hat for you.
Jacket features:
  1. Four button closed pockets
  2. reinforced elbows.
  3. covered, button front
  4. 3 button wrist adjustments. These are a little off from the standard BDU in sizing. I normally use the middle button on the sleeves, but on these I use the last button. Not a big deal, just a note. Also, I would make the cuff adjustment tabs a bit wider...they start out narrow and get slightly wider.
Pants features:
  1. 6 pocket design - 2 thigh cargo, 2 hip, and 2 rear pockets.
  2. reinforced knees
  3. reinforced seat
  4. drawstring cuffs
  5. adjustable waist via pull tabs. These are wider than mil-spec and have plastic instead of metal adjustable buckle. They're more comfortable than the standard take up tabs.
  6. Belt loops
  7. Button fly.
RAP4 has really impressed me in not only their quality and design of their BDUs but their unique selection of camo patterns you can't find elsewhere. This style of BDU comes in:
  • Woodland
  • Flecktarn
  • OD
  • Urban Camo
  • Black
  • CadPat
  • British DPM
  • 3 color desert
  • Digital Woodland
  • Realtree
  • Tigerstripe
They also have an 8 color desert that closely resembles Multicam in a different pattern of BDU and a tactical tiger stripe in a different pattern as well.


Boonie - $9.95
Pants - $29.95
Jacket - $29.95

Update (11-27-09): I was wearing these BDUs and ended up chest deep in mucky water. I had a pair of gloves and a Balaclava in the cargo pocket and only the top portion of the Balaclava, which was on top of the gloves was wet. Also, the shorts and t-shirt I had on underneath were only wet in a couple areas. The
material these are made out of seems to be slightly water repellent in nature.

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Thanks for the review on the cammies, your website has way more useful infomation than i could locate anywhere else. The people who make and sell this stuff should be doing the same thing for their products. You are bookmarked on my favorites, THANKS keep up the reviews!!!!!