Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vasque M-Possible Mountaineering boots

Vasque M-Possible boots are designed for mixed climbing, steep ice, and alpine speed ascents. These boots can stand up to the beating that can be dished out by mountain climbing.

You can tell once you put these boots on that they're going to protect your feet. They are very supportive and are made of several protective materials.

One material that is prominent in this boot is the SuperFabric that has rubber "rands" all over it that help to protect against impact. This material is highly abrasion and puncture resistant. The boots also have a strong rubber material around the heel and toe area that is super tough. Around the very tip of the toe and heel there is a plastic reinforcement to help in protecting the boot when attaching crampons and other gear to the boots.

The boots feature a waterproof membrane and 200 grams of Thinsulate. Just enough to keep your feet warm and dry, but not overheat.

The insole is very tough as well. A combination of dual-density EVA footbeds, molded carbon fiber insole boards, and Vibram Mulaz outsoles provide the wearer with a lightweight but stiff and supportive platform. I did have some slipping on packed snow and ice, but that's where cramons come in. These boots aren't going to wear like running shoes...they do have some weight to them (3lbs, 9oz.) and the sole has to be stiff to provide support and protection, but overall they're very comfortable!

The one thing that is very unique on these boots is the Boa lacing system. This uses one continual metal cable to tighten the boot evenly. The laces are "lace-to-toe" so that the whole boot can be adjusted. In my opinion the Boa system is an awesome lacing system. I wish all my footwear could have this. Some have complained that they'd rather tighten one part of the boot (instep area) while leaving another (upper portion) looser for a better range of motion. This system doesn't allow for that. I can understand where they're coming from, but for me this system is perfect. To tighten you simply make sure the knob is pushed in and then just turn until you get the tightness you want. The cord will not loosen. Removal of the boots is easy and very fast. You simply pull the knob outward and the laces loosen rightup. Taking the boots off takes only seconds. The cord laces toward the toe area are also covered to prevent snagging. This system also ensures that you don't have broken laces at the most inconvenient time!

Also included with these boots are a set of soft-shell detachable mini gators. They attach to the boot via hooks and loops (not to be confused with hook and loop Velcro). I haven't really used these too much to comment on them other than that they are included.

These boots are great for winter hikes in tough terrain as well as for ice climbing and mountaineering. They are like light weight tanks for your feet. Jabbing ice and rocks will not come close to harming your feet. They keep the elements out and your feet comfortable. With extended time outside in snow, slush, ice and down right cold temperatures my feet stayed warm and protected.

Unisex Sizes:
5 - 12, 13, 14

MSRP: $350.00

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