Monday, March 30, 2009

ITW Zipper Pull & Whistle SRB

I got these items recently from ITW Nexus. ITW Nexus produces some of the best quality plastic buckles and webbing accessories and have been doing so for 25 years.

One item I received is a side release buckle (SRB) with a built in whistle, called a Whistleloc. This is a great item for replacing your sternum strap with. It's a piece of equipment that is already on your gear, so it's not adding anything extra other than the option of having a handy rescue/signal whistle always on hand. They come in orange and gray colored whistles and the "female" portion of the buckle is black.

Another item I received was the StructSure Aerohead zipper pull. This zipper pull incorporates a stainless steal cord with plastic ends that are easy to put together with a pair of pliers. It is light weight, but durable and strong. One thing to be sure if you plan on using this that the hole in the original zipper is big enough for the end of the zipper pull to go through. I removed the original zipper pull on one jacket only to find that the end of this zipper pull wouldn't fit through.

You can't order directly through ITW Nexus, but check out there page to see all the great products they have and order through one of their distributors.

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