Sunday, December 14, 2008

Williams & Williams Patches

Williams ans Williams runs a web site Nametags4U that makes many types of nametags (flight suit style), morale patches, flags, custom patches and Velcro, etc, etc.

The Velcro that the company can supply is available in precut shapes/sizes or can be custom cut by contacting the company. The Velcro can only be cut up to 4 in. in size due to the size of the Velcro the custom shape will be cut from. This Velcro is top quality and holds the patches very well.

The full size patches are also of excellent quality. The Velcro, again, is good quality, and the stitching holds up well. Patches and flags are available in many forms such as morale patches, flags,blood types, and many other styles. You'll notice in the pictures that the Foliage colored patches are slightly different than most of the other patches as it's hard to find a true foliage material to sew the patch design on. So, the company uses Foliage stitching to create the Foliage colored background and then puts the design on top of that.

One unique item from this company is their 1 in. x 2 in. morale patches. Most of these are the same in design as the full sized patches, but in a smaller size. These patches originated from pilots cutting the flap off their sleeve pockets which would leave behind a 1 in. x 2 in. piece of velcro, perfect for these small patches.

The patches by Williams & Williams have proven to be very durable, the velcro holds up well, and provide not only morale, but patches like blood type, name tags, and flags provide a valid function.

Also, check out my review on this companies morale decals HERE.

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Sjors said...

Hi Jake,

Great patches. I had an accident a few weeks ago, ripping a hole in one of my army cargo pants. Those Evil Grin patches are great and will fit nice over that hole. I have placed an order for two. They ship international, with acceptable shipping charges, too!