Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1800nametape products

These are just a small number of items sold by You can find just about any name tape material/design that you would ever need at along with rank insignia, flags, IR products, name plates, dog tags, and support magnets.

One item I received is a
infrared subdued American flag with velcro backing. For those that aren't aware of what these are for...the IR flags will reflect the infrared light from an infrared illuminator that is used on night vision optics. This helps to identify friendly troops from enemy. These IR patches are referred to as IFF (identify friendly/foe) flags/patches. They will not reflect normal light at night, only IR light. They really stand out in NVDs. The velcro on this patch holds very well.
Note: I will update this post with night vision pictures of this flag patch when available.

The second items I received were digital woodland name tapes (no velcro backing) for my brother's airsoft uniform. These sew-on name tapes are Marine Corps spec name tapes. Placing them next to my name tapes from my issued MCCUU they are indistinguishable. Like the issued name tapes that are the digital woodland camouflage without the black portion of the camouflage to help you read the name on the tape (which is sewn in black thread).

The last items I received are a pair of multicam name tapes with velcro backing. With multicam becoming the "go-to" camo lately has got excellent quality multicam name tapes. The stitching on the name tapes is a brown color and is legible but blends in with the camo well enough to not stick out. The velcro on these name tapes holds very well.

One other thing that is not on their site yet that was included is a cool name tape key chain. It's got the 1800nametape name on one side and U.S. Marines on the other in digital desert. I've been using this since I got it to show my pride in the Marine Corps and can be ordered through the company, but the page for them isn't up yet. I will update this post when the page is created. really has almost everything you'd need in name tapes and ID tags. They provide fast service, quality products, and their website is super easy to navigate.

Prices for above items:
IR green Flag: $12.50
MCCUU Name Tapes (no velcro): $1.25 each (3 minimum order)
Multicam Name Tapes, with Velcro: $3.50 each

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HOOAH!!!! Greatest manufacturer of military nametapes of all the manufacturers in the U.S.