Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pelican 1020 Micro Case

I have been using the Pelican 1020 Micro Case for over a year to store my digital camera in. I use it not only on a regular basis, but also when going out hiking, camping, in the rain, etc, etc. This case gets thrown around in my bag and has gotten wet and dropped and my camera hasn't gotten damaged yet. This case is good for a camera, your wallet and keys, PDA, cell phone and other smaller items.

This box is the clear version and features a rubber liner on all sides except the front. This liner helps to protect against shock. I would prefer a foam liner to do this, but the rubber liner has proven to work just fine. This liner acts as an O-ring seal to help keep water out as well. The liner can be removed and, on the clear model, a sticker with your name or logo or whatever can be placed on the back of the rubber liner and then it'll be displayed through the clear plastic on the back of the case.

The closure is one piece but it actually snaps closed in 2 different locations. The closure closes nice and tight but is easily opened. This provides a waterproof seal, however, this box is not designed to be submersed. (Although it is rates for 1 meter for 30 minutes, so don't be worried if it gets dropepd in the water for a short time). With an automatic pressure equalization Valve, this case also balances interior pressure and this valve also helps keep water out.

This case is also crush proof and dust proof. And all hardware is stainless steel.

The case also has a lanyard hole along with strap attachment points on the ends.

These cases also have an NSN for those in the might be able to get your supply guy to get you one for your sensitive items.

Interior Dimensions:
5.31" x 3.56" x 1.68"

Colors: Clear w/Black liner, Clear w/Yellow liner, Solid Black.

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