Friday, September 26, 2008


I recently received some Probars to sample and have been using them as meal replacements (which they are designed for) for the last few days. I have found that I like some of the flavors and don't like others. Although, that's just personal preference. Probars are kind of like energy bars that pack a bunch whole, organic, raw ingredients into a healthy bar that's not like eating a cardboard box, like some other energy bars. They taste decent and really do fill you up. They do a great job at being a meal replacement. I would suggest having a little water on hand though. They aren't necessarily "dry" but I did find that washing them down with some water was preferable.

The Probars have received several awards for being healthy foods, and I believe that they are. They do have a lot of oats, nuts and seeds in them so if you're allergic to any kind of nut...please check the ingredients before buying.

I've found these to be much better tasting and performing bars than others that I've used. They're healthy and easy to eat. Check them out here!

12 Flavors

MSRP: $3.29/bar
$35.48/12 pack


Jimmy said...

One gripe I've had w/ energy bars in general is that they are all too sweet. Mind you I eat sweet once in awhile, but I want to eat some salty stuff, too. Unfortunately, it looks like the Pro Bars are pretty sweet, too.

Would be nice if we can get some salty energy bars.

Jake said...

They really aren't too sweet. You would think so by looking at them but they're actually very nutty. Not bland, but not sweet either. You'd want to try one first before buying a lot, because they have a very nutty, seedy taste that's more natural than most energy bars.

Anonymous said...


Check out, they just added a sweet and savory collection. If you've got a taste for 'salt' you'll enjoy these.