Saturday, August 23, 2008

Klean Kanteen Bottle

The Klean Kanteen is the first steel bottle that I've tried. I've always used the plastic water bottles and just recently got interested in steel bottles. The steel Klean Kanteen bottles are more eco-friendly as they last longer than the plastic style bottles so they're less likely to end up in US landfills and are friendlier on the environment when producing them. 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills each year, only 23% are recycled. The stainless steel Klean Kanteens are light weight (8oz), easy to clean, odor and taste free (won't make your water taste like plastic), dishwasher safe and contain no BPA. There is also no lining in a stainless steel bottle like there is in an aluminum bottle.

The bottle I'm reviewing is the 27oz bottle. One thing that is different about these bottles is the capacity. There are 12, 18, 27, and 40 oz bottles. Most bottles come in 8oz increments. This is not necessarily a bad thing...just something that I noted when i went to mix a drink mix in the bottle and the drink says to mix with 24oz of water and the bottle is a 27oz bottle. I filled it up to where I though 24oz would be and it worked out well.

These water bottles come with a plastic cap that has an O-ring seal on it and has a carabiner loop on top. If you prefer a steel cap, one is available as an accessory, along with a whole bunch of other accessories to include a sport cap an insulating sleeves. They even have a "sippy cup" accessory for children.

These bottles are not insulated, so the manufacturer doesn't recommend hot liquids in them due to the possibility of burns, but this doesn't mean that the bottle can't handle hot liquids. One thing you'll notice in my pictures that I did with one of the bottles was to wrap it in camo-form to not only make it look different, but insulate it a little as well.

You can put these bottles on the camp fire to warm up liquids. The manufacturer doesn't suggest it with the colored bottles though. I imagine that it'd be perfectly safe and effective it would just mess up the coloring and possibly give off an odor as the coloring heats up. this with the top off or the top can be damaged. I have yet to try this, but I will once I get a chance.

At the opposite end is freezing. This is not recommended and it will void the warranty. Freezing can damage the bottle. I put mine in the freezer once to just chill it and forgot about it and it was there for several hours. There was no damage done, but I believe that is because it was only half full and there was enough room for the water to expand while it froze so that no damage was done. But I do not put it in the freezer anymore.

The wider mouth also allows you to add ice cubes and pour liquids in the bottle without spilling.

I have been using this bottle for some months now, and I really like the steel bottle. It's become one of my favorite bottles to use while on the go. It's durable, lightweight and holds plenty of water.

Colors: Green, Orange, Blue, Black, Pink, Brown.

MSRP: $17.95

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