Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UA All Season Gear Crew Socks

I bought these socks about a year ago, possibly more, as a duty sock. They come in a 4-pack, so since I really only needed a couple pair at the time I set 2 aside for use when the first 2 wore out. I honestly didn't expect them to last this long. Not that I didn't expect a lot out of a Under Armor product, it's just that on a short work day I may have them on for around 10 hours. On a long day it's close to 14 hours. So I expected around a year out of them. Well, aside from a little discoloration (I bought white socks and wear black boots) they have worn (or not worn) pretty well. They have no thin spots or holes and are pretty comfortable.

One thing that is my pet peeve about socks is that damned seam arcoss the toe. We all know that if yo get one grain of sand in the bottom of your shoe it feels like a boulder, so why make socks with such a bulky toe seam. Well these socks have a faily flat toe seam. I've seen flatter as these socks do have a little bit of a bunch at the ends of the seam, however, it's not as bad as your average sock. That right there is a selling point for me.

As far as performance, they're not too bad. I think since they're "all season gear" they have a tendency to overheat your foot a little bit in the summer heat, but again, not as bad as regular cotton socks. At the end of the day the socks are wet, but my feet themselves aren't too bad. The footbed is very lightly padded and there is some arch suport in the way of added alastic in this area.

With an MSRP of $19.95 a 4 pack it's a good improvement over the standard cotton sock and definately worth it.

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