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Grassburr Mountable holster

For the longest time my pistol has always been loose in my glove box or center console while driving and not wearing it. I always make sure there's no round in the chamber since it's a Glock and has no manual safety...however, this isn't the safest way to store a pistol. I've always been contemplating a way to carry it in the car in a manner that's designed for car carry. I've thought about how to modify a holster using nylon straps. I recently came across a site selling a mountable holster for use in the car, home, etc, etc.

The site is
Grassburr and it is a privately owned business specializing in quality mountable holsters. They came up with a safe secure way to mount your handgun on practically any hard surface. They are very good to work with and friendly people.

Their product line includes both leather and Nylon holsters that mount practically anywhere and are sized for all handguns. They also sell a ATV handle bar rifle rack.

The holster I received is a Nylon medium sized holster called the C-burr (Cordura Burr)which fits my Glock 19 perfectly. This holster came with a adjustable thumb break (via velcro) and is Nylon on the outside and a suede material on the inside. My first impression was that this is a
solid, sturdy holster. Options for this holster include 3 sizes for revolvers and semi-autos. Included with the holster are directions for it's use along with a power point CD.

The mounting options include a brass mount for side mounting and top mounting. All mounting hardware (screws, nuts, and bolts) are included. These mounts attach to a brass mount on the top of the holster via a stainless steel thumb screw. This thumb screw makes removing the holster from the wall mount and adjusting the angle easy. Installation is extremely simple. I put the side mount in my Avalanche and the top mount in my wife's van. The side mount has holes for 4 screws and these four held tight on the side of my center console of my truck. I thought that I may need to take the console piece out and use the included bolts and nuts due to the console not having much for the screws to grip to, but the screws held fine. The top mount only has 2 holes for screws and went in fine, but after a couple days of use it started to loosen up. This is not from a faulty design of the holster or mount, just simply because there isn't much for the screws to grip to on the underside of the dashboard where I mounted it. A switch from the screws to the nuts and bolts fixed this problem. Once the mount is installed all it takes is the thumb screw to hold the holster to the mount. The holster can be adjusted for angle and then tighten the thumb screw and you're ready to go.

I mounted the holster on the left side of my center console in my truck (see included pictures). The holster is nice and snug against the console so it's out of the way of my leg when driving. This is a good thing, however, I noticed one weakness to it being mounted like this. Since you can't get your hand too far down the right side of the holster you can't get a good firing grip on the pistol. For me this isn't too much of an issue as this isn't supposed to be a holster made for quick draw. For me it's a safe and easily accessible way of storing your pistol. I will suggest to the company that a spacer be made with an included (longer) thumb screw for those that want to put a little space between the holster and the wall it's mounted to when using the side mount.

If using the top mount, as I did in my wife's van, you can get a good firing grip on the pistol as there are no obstructions to the left or right of the holster. In this mounting application I suggest using the bolts if placing this in a vehicle as it's more likely to be bumped and jarred do to the fact that it's not snug against a wall (unless you mount it close enough to a wall as to not be out in the open).

MSRP for this holset is $59.00 USD

A CD with mounting options is available upon request.

Grassburr has a holster for everyone. This is just one here that I have evaluated, but they have several options available. Another good thing about Grassburr products is that their mounts and holsters are interchangable. If this holster I have been using is any indication of the quality of all their products then these holsters were made to hold up to daily use. I highly recommend their products and suggest that if you own a pistol you consider one of their products.

Update - 06/30/08: Now being sold at
Cheaper Than Dirt. I spoke with the owner and there is the possibility of mounting spacers being available in the future. Possible to be put between the holster and wall mount, but to save on the cost for end users a spacer may be available that will go between the wall mount and the wall itself.

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