Friday, July 11, 2008


This cool little guy is a Glo-toob. This light has so many uses I couldn't think to list them all here. It can be used to mark camp sites or other sites, used as a tent light, marking people for safety or ID, IR style can have multiple military applications for marking and illumination, the list goes on and on.

This light is basically an LED light that reflects off an inner reflective surface to give an all around "glow" to the area. The blue model I received has 3 LEDs and gives off plenty of glow for use as a tent light and would be great for marking for safety or ID reasons. I have found that a slightly greater amount of light shines down toward the end cap area, so when using this as a flashlight I hold it with the cap down so the light doesn't shine right up into my face.

The light is also waterproof, however, for scuba and other diving or deeper level underwater use the manufacturer suggests using the diving cap that is designed to give it 100% waterproof reliability. The included twist cap is resistant to 11500 feet. I have tested the light under running water and short time under water in a sink and had no problems so far. I didn't and don't suggest manipulating the "on/off" switch while the unit is actually underwater though. I'm sure it's ok to use it this way, i just get nervous about twisting the cap underwater.

There are several accessories for this item as well to include a clip for your belt, which leaves the light exposed, a pouch, an anti-roll device, and several different end caps. One accessory I would suggest to the manufacturer is a device that attaches to the glo-toob, much like the belt clip, that covers half of the light so that you only get 180 degrees of light instead of the full 360 degrees to make it into a directional light for reading and other activities where you don't want the light shining back into your face. You could always use military 100mph tape to cover half of the light, however, a snap on accessory would be the best bet.

This light has proved durable (it is high-impact resistant) and useful so far and I will continue to evaluate it for any further info. I really like this light and think everyone can find at least one use for having one.

This light is available in the following colors: amber, blue, green, red, white, IR.

Battery: 12v (23a) - I'm not sure how readily available these are, they have a version in CR123 that is readily available and the same as most other tactical electronics.

MSRP is $29.99

Sold at
L.A. Police Gear

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