Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eagle Industries H-harness/chest rig

This is a custom H-harness made for our company by Eagle Industries. I'm not sure if you'll see it mass produced by them in the future or not, but I figured I would do a quick review of it here anyways. This is a chest rig that has attachment straps at the bottom to hold a duty belt. It holds 4 AR15 style magazines in 4 covered pouches. The back has 2 panels that have MOLLE straps on them so more pouches can be added here. There are quick release side release buckles on the adjustable straps on the sides and the shoulder straps are adjustable as well. The fronts of the shoulder straps feature MOLLE webbing and are padded. The front opens with 2 SRBs. This is a very durable set up. We've been wearing these for well over a year and have had very few issues with them. They hold up well as should be expected from anything made by eagle industries.

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