Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brownell's Alumahyde 2

Brownell's Alumahyd 2 is spray paint on steroids. This paint comes in your average rattle can and can be applied by anyone and requires no baking (although putting the dried piece in the oven on low temp helps curing). This paint is very durable and resistant to gun oils and solvents. Much more durable than your average krylon spray paint. This paint can be used on any surface.

I suggest a couple preparation steps on the surface if possible. sanding with a very fine sand paper helps adhesion, as well as using some sort of degreaser (I use brake parts cleaner) after the item has been sanded. I also use rubber gloves from this point on to prevent oils from my skin from getting on the part I'm painting. It is recommended that with this paint you use several very light coats and dry for several seconds between coats with a hair dryer. In fact, the first coat should barely be visible it should be so light. Once all the coats are on (4 or 5 coats, the last being a medium coating) I let it dry for about 24 hours in a warm dry area and then put it in the oven on it's lowest setting for about an hour, assuming the item can withstand the heat of the oven. Final cure time is about a week in a warm environment. Let it go at least a week if not longer before you touch it too much. Make sure when you're done you turn the can upside down to clean out the nozzle...and if it gets clogged Brownells sells replacement nozzles for cheap.

I painted some AR15 magazines and my vertical grip (shown in the picture) on my rifle and this stuff has held up great and hasn't worn off yet. I highly recommend this for painting parts that don't require tight tolerances (the paint can tend to be thicker which gives it it's don't paint moving parts that have a tight fit). Not only firearms, but all your tactical gear that might need some coloring!

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