Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Condor Mag Pouches

I just received these pouches from Tac Gear Store to use while training my younger brother's airsoft team. I got these for this specific purpose and not real world use. These pouches are made by Condor Outdoor and have a reputation as being for airsoft or light use only. You always hear things about Condor Gear as being cheap Chinese knockoffs. In fact they are made in China, and I would rather support made in the USA products, but the fact is that I don't want to dump all my money into airsoft gear to train a team (I love doing it, just don't need to put all my money into it) and I'd rather use that money for my real world gear. Half the stuff we buy is made in China anyway, so you'll never get away from that.

So getting away from that subject...I know this gear has been reported to fall apart with it's first use, however I found that to not be the case. In fact the first use it got was about 8 hours of military simulations. It held up great. You can tell the obvious difference in the quality. But this stuff is actually made pretty good. The fact that others had theirs fall apart during it's first use may be a QA issue at the condor manufacturing facilities. Perhaps it's a matter of just being the one that gets the bad mag pouch that slipped through the QA cracks...not sure.

So one of the pouches I got was a single pistol mag pouch (size 4in x 2.5in x 1in). Again, it seems pretty well made and the materials seem thick and as if they will hold up. One area I found may be a weak spot (big word being "may") is the top of the MOLLE strap. The MOLLE strap is double layered and thick but the top where it connects to the pouch is single layer and a little flimsy. I believe, however, that this is so that this area is a little more flexible to make adding this to your platform easier. The top flap of the pouch has plenty of Velcro to attach to the front of the pouch for different magazine sizes. The back of the flap also adjusts for length. I put a speed loader in this pouch which is designed like a pistol magazine. It was close as far as size as the length of the flap was all the way extended and only a small amount of Velcro was attached. The pouch has elastic around it as an added security for the magazine. You can also completely remove the top flap and use the pouch as an open top pouch due to the good fit of the mag and the elastic retention. Overall a good pouch for light or airsoft use.

The open top double mag pouch is another item I added to my gear. This item feels sturdy enough for it's intended use just as the pistol mag pouch. It features MOLLE attachment straps on the front so that you can add more pouches to the front of these shingles. The mags are held in by friction and a top elastic retention band. This band works pretty good and holds the mags in but is easy to move out of the way for removing the mags. It is adjustable by just re-tying it. It does seem as if this elastic will stretch out fairly easily and lose it's elasticity. It's definitely lower quality elastic, but so far works well. After a little use you may need to readjust the elastic....tighten it... so that it holds the mags better due to it stretching a little.

Both these items are 600D nylon, which is lighter than 1000D (therefor losing some durability) but still fairly durable. These pouches are available in coyote tan, OD, black, multicam (1000D cordura nylon), and ACU. I took my coyote ones and broke up the solid color with a little spray paint.

These pouches have proven to be as good if not better than what you would expect for the priced paid. After more use I will update this post if anything else is noticed.

Below is a picture of the mag pouch after some regular use and the seam started to rip at the top....so far it's still in use though...


NameAP - NC USA said...

Was looking into other peoples angle on Condor gear when I came across this posting.

My 2 cents. I have designed and made my own gear in the past, so I know the processes and what not for seams and sewing. That is where condor really has thier issues.

As shown in the 'update' photo the Condor seems are always weak. I purchased a 3 day assult pack from them as an example. The first one never got any use, as the zipper was junk and didn't work. So back to the store I went. The second bag had a great zipper by chance, but quickly started splitting seams here and there.

I have used this bad daily for over a year now, and it is still functional, BUT... Both main straps have nearly come off, many of the sinch straps pulled clean out if the seams, and recently the material on the inside of the strap pads is wearing through.

In the end I LOVE the function of this bag, as they did copy a great bag design. But the seams are VERY weak and are VERY prone for fail. Don't ever over fill pouches or backpacks, they will fail. Just plain ans simple when condor makes them.

Hope that helps someone. :^)

GB said...

hey, i was just looking at this to see where they are made and the quality. there is a company that makes military gear that i used to work for stationed in Texas. i got my backpack from them (since i worked there) before i left for college. they have runs for civilian use every now and again. if you want i can give you the link. i didn't post it because i didn't want it to go down as spam

GB said...

BTW, my email is garrett.blackwell@ttu.edu

btw, this backpack has held up to some great use, loaded it so full of things to travel it could've burst, and it held together great.