Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Club G G-shock watch

I had this watch for a short time and initially bought it as my winter G-shock due to it's size. It's like a G-shock only smaller. I found it hard with my new jacket to wear a G-shock watch because it was just to I found this one.

Here are it's features:
1- Shock/water resistant
2- EL Backlight
3- 1/100 sec stopwatch with auto-start
4- Countdown timers (3) 1min-60 min.
5- 5 alarms
6- hourly chime
7- Date until 2039
8- 12/24 hour format
9- DST
10- Accuracy +/- 15 sec/month
11- Battery CR1616

I actually did a torture test on this G-shock and wish I would have taken pictures to document it. But here is what I did and if it stood up:
1- Drop test from 2nd story to gravel driveway - No damage.
2- Left in freezer for a day - no effect.
3- Left in the sun on a hot summer day - no effect.
4- slammed into the wall as hard as i could - no damage.
5- Ran over several times in gravel driveway by SUV (face down) - No damage the first few times, on last try a piece of gravel must have hit just right and cracked the crystal (face).
6- Waterproof test after cracked face - no leaking-
7- Wore the watch for a week afterward with no ill effects to the watch.
8- LOST THE WATCH !!!! No clue where it went to.

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Anonymous said...

Haha, kudos on the torture test. I could never bring myself to destroy any watch over $50 like that.