Saturday, June 14, 2008

Citizen NY 2300 Watch

This watch was donated to my site by Mike Fette for review and donation to one of our troops deployed overseas.

This watch is of very good quality and has a screw down crown and automatic features. What's an automatic feature in a anolog watch? don't have to wind it. The movement of the watch (your arm moving with the watch on it) winds itself....self winding. If you shake the watch it feels as if there is something loose inside. NO, it's not broken, this is the device that automatically winds the watch. This watch displays the date and day as well, and one feature that is unique and you can see in the picture above is that it can display the day in english or chinese lettering. This watch is 200m water resistant and also has luminescent hands hour markers and at the "0" marker on the bezel. These markings glow for quite some time. I checked them 6 hours after being placed in the dark and, if your eyes are also adjusted to the dark, you can still read the time. The bezel rotates one way. The band is a rubber band and displays N.D. ( No Decompression) limits on it. I only wore this watch for about a week to review it but it seems to me like a very good watch. You can find this watch most places on the net for around $100 and is well worth it.

This watch was donated to Major Raymond Croslin who is a Quartermaster in charge of a petroleum facility at Balad Air force base in Afghanistan. He is also an active duty advisor to the federal reserve troops in Oklahoma.

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