Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eagle Industries Chest Rig

This bandoleer (chest rig) is made by Eagle Industries, a well known and proven manufacturer. I have worn this bandoleer quite a bit and find that it's very comfortable for a few hours. Even after that it's not that uncomfortable. This type of chest rig is not meant for long term constant use and after a few hours it can have the tendency to dig into the shoulders and cause minor lower back pain on an average individual. However...for short term use this rig is great. It's very durable and will stand up to quite a beating. This rig has 2 inch shoulder straps and a 1 inch waist strap and will hold 4-30 round M16 magazines and 2-9mm pistol magazines. Each puch has grommet holes in the bottom for drainage and velco closure.

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