Friday, May 16, 2008

Blackhawk Omega Vest

The Blackhawk Omega vest is a general use vest with the rifleman in mind. It is made of heavy duty nylon mesh to help with ventilation and is very durable. I have worn one of these for force on force training quite a bit and have had no issues with this vest. Here are its features:
1- Adjustable sides and shoulders...additional 6" on the shoulders and 32" on the sides.
2- Drag Handle on back
3- #10ykk vislon zippers
4- Padded Hawktex shoulder for secure shooting.
5- 2 large internal mesh map comparments with zipper closings.
6- 6 m16/m4 mag pouches can hold 2 mags each if slightly staggered. The flaps that cover the pouches ar adjustable with velcro and can come completely off if desired. Each pouch also has an elastic band arround it to help retain mags when top is not attached.
7- Internal hydration pouch included. One thing I did was add a piece of 550 cord to the top of this area and cut a small hole in my hydration bladder to keep it from sagging down in the pouch.
8- D rings on shoulders to attach gear and run your hydration tube through.
9- Small pouch on shoulder
10- 2 horizontal pouches on chest. One includes a removable shoutgun shell holder. One also has velcro on the front to add name tapes or the shotgun shell holder can be attached there too.
11- A.L.I.C.E. webbing on back to add additional pouches.
12- Belt loops on bottom to add a duty belt.

I've been using this vest for quite some time now. It's a great general rifleman's vest. The only thing I'd like to see different on this vest is the adjustment system on the side. It uses 550 cord which is ok, but you always have the extra cording hanging off the vest. I'd like to see webbing adjustments.

Overall a great vest and one that's long lasting! The particular one reviewed here is the older style and has been updated HERE!

Color options: Tan, OD, Black

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Anonymous said...

I like mine, simple, plus it can carry plenty of mags (or 6 beers for a trek, casting for bass etc.) fairly comfortable. A basic, usful vest.