Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Belleville Hot Weather Safety Toe Boot

My younger brother (in the video) has been wearing these boots for a couple months now both for some daily wear as well as during training with the US Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.

He says that comfort with these boots is exceptional compared to other boots he's worn. He's had absolutely no comfort issues with them.

As expected with a good footwear company like Belleville, durability has also been exceptional. Him and I both do not believe there will be any issues with the longevity of the boot. I myself have worn Belleville boots in the military and they are excellent boots.

The sole on these boots are a tri layer sole with the outsole being the aggressive Vibram® Sierra sole, the midsole of rubber/polyurethane, and the insole being a removable polyurethane insert. My brother said they're very comfortable for standing in for hours but when driving the aggressive nature of the outsole can catch on the pedals.

The upper is made of leather and Cordura®. Similar in style and design to the traditional jungle boot, with improvements in quality, to include a padded collar.

This particular model features a steel toe that meets ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 standards, if that's a standard you need to meet in your footwear. Great for those dealing with heavy items, like tankers, mechanics, etc.

Overall it's been a good boot. I will update this review as time goes on.
MSRP: $117


Sgt Red said...

I have worn these for years, as they are a standard issue safety boot for USAF.

I must admit they are fairly comfortable, well made, rugged and are overall a good boot.

I would never pay $120 for them. (I swear I have seen them at the MCS for $50 to $60)

I personally feel you can get a lot better boot for the money at the $120 price point. The Bates Ultra-Lite safety toe or the Converse comes to mind.

Tim said...

Nice post.

I didn't realize Belleville made a boot like this. It's going to be pretty tempting when the waterproof Bates I use for hot weather start to wear out(they have some of those lightweight non Vibram soles that don't last long).