Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aqua Marine Whistle

The Aqua Marine Whistle by ITW Nexus is a nice streamlined whistle that has ergonomic finger grooves on it and fits well in the hand. This whistle is perfect for a survival kit or as an emergency whistle attached to your gear.

Attachment options:
Belt clip - This clip will hold your whistle to your gear and the clip bends outward at the tip so it can easily be attached with one hand.
Lanyard - The whistle features a lanyard hole which is a good way to attach it to gear as a stand alone attachment or as a backup to the belt clip. I've used this option as a backup to the clip in case the whistle comes loose it won't be lost. It can also be used to create a wrist lanyard.

This whistle is one solid piece and does not feature a ball inside. This allows this whistle to be loud and not fail when you need it most.

In day glow orange this whistle is a must have for a survival kit or for any time you're venturing out into the wild. It's become a part of my hiking kit and I'm very happy with it!

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