Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuff-Writer tactical pen

Some will laugh a little at first at the thought of a "tactical" pen. But after it's explained, it's actually a pretty good idea. I like things that have multiple uses. This makes carrying less gear possible and makes every piece of gear useful.

When I was in the Marines, one rule was...you always have a couple pens with you at all times. It's one of those Marine Corps things. Well...most other professionals in the law enforcement, military, and security fields carry a pen as a daily piece of gear as well.

The Tuff-Writer has taken the pen to a new level. The Tuff-Writer is just as tough as it's name implies. Made of 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, the Tuff-writer sports a tactical finish that is hard anodized to Mil-A-8625 “F” specifications. This extremely hard finish doesn't wear off very easily. When it comes to toughness nothing was spared. The clip is made of cold pressed spring steel with nickel oxide finish and all connections are made with Black oxide stainless steel bolts and chemical welding. When you hold this pen you can tell it's made to last and take plenty of abuse.

Like i said earlier...I like a piece of gear that has multiple uses. This pen is not only a pen, but also a great defensive weapon. One end is more blunt to be used to strike or put pressure on pressure points for pain compliance, come-alongs, etc, etc. The other end is more pointed for even greater pain compliance.

Yet a third use for this pen is that the pointed striking end can also be used as a a stylus point on a PDA or other touch screen device.

The pen/defensive tool has some deep knurling on it to help you maintain a good grip on it. Make sure, however, that anything you put in a pocket next to this pen is just as durable. If you put a regular Bic style pen next to this pen in a pocket, the knurling will tear it up a bit.

The clip on this pen is also slightly bent up from the body of the pen...this makes clipping to the pocket or other area easily done and with one hand.

The hole you see in the cap, I assume is for a key ring for retention purposes when using as a self defense tool. I would prefer this hole be slightly larger so that a piece of 550 cord can be put through this hole for retention on the body when being carried. For instance, wearing the pen around the neck, or attaching it via a piece of 550 cord to the MOLLE/PALS webbing of a vest. The reason I would like this as an option is because when you take the cap off, there's really nowhere to put the cap. If you try to put it on the end of the pen, it doesn't fit just right and easily falls off. I've been just attaching the cap to a piece of my gear via the clip when I'm using the pen to prevent losing it.

Another feature when it comes to the cap is that is screws onto the pen...that means no lost caps then the pen is not in use.

The ink cartridge is gas pressurized and uses waterproof ink. Because of the pressurized cartridge, these pens will write upside down and under water. They are designed to work in frigid cold and blistering heat and will function in environments ranging from -30F to 250F. Unlike others, I haven't had a build up of gooey ink on the tip of the pen...so there isn't the need to wipe off the tip before writing like other all-weather pens I've used.

This pen feels a bit long with the cap on (6.5 inches), but this is for defensive use. However, if this is a bit too much bulk for you, the Tuff-Writer shorty is what you may want (5.75 inches).

Tuff-Writer also makes a sanitized version, with no "Tuff-Writer" logo, and a silver executive model.

I've been using this pen for almost a year now and I have to say that this is an excellent tool/pen/weapon system. It's something that you can carry inconspicuously as a weapon, and always have a pen with you at in one package. Durability is excellent. I've even seen someone hammer theirs through a 2x4 with no damage....that's a tough pen.

Color options:
Stealth Black, Sniper Gray, Desert Brown, Sanitized Midnight Black

MSRP $79.95-$99.95 (depending on the model)

Made in the USA


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lazur said...

COMPLAINT: The cap doesn't fit on the end when TW's used as a pen: My job calls for:1/A pen constantly in hand for real-time log, & 2/ Settling confrontations. My preferred use of the TW: blunt end of the capped pen tucked in a hammer-fist. A cap-less TW leaves me with 2 points. Tape on the end holds the cap: It looks raggedy, but creates a pen with a blunt end, & an even longer tool.

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