Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fab-Defense T-grip

This grip is manufactured by Fab Defense, which manufactures firearm accessories at an affordable price. The Israeli Special Forces and SWAT teams use many Fab Defense items. With this in mind it leads me to believe that they have to be fairly good quality and design since Israel knows what they're doing when it comes to combat operations.

This vertical grip is a very economical alternative to more expensive options. Molded from reinforced polymer composite this grip slides nicely on your picatinny rails and is held there with a quick attach button. There is also a screw that can be used in addition to the button to ensure a solid mount.

This grip will hold any 1" flashlight that utilizes a tail cap push button. The light is mounted in by sliding it into the light area and tightening down a screw. The operation of the light is quite simple...the grip has a trigger on it that once pressed pushes a lever against the tailcap button. There is also a lock on the grip that prevents accidental operation of the light when light discipline is necessary. The only problem with the way this grip functions is the possibility of a accidental discharge due to a sympathetic muscle response. A sympathetic muscle response is when the muscles on one side of the body will mimic the movement of the same muscles on the opposite side of the body. The best example is your eyes....they move the same. So in this case...having a trigger on the grip could cause you to possibly pull the trigger with your shooting hand when you pull the light trigger on the vertical grip hand. This of course should be eliminated by good training and good weapons handling in the fact that your finger shouldn't be on the firearms trigger until you're ready to fire...but, this could happen. If you're nervous about this happening Fab-Defense has made a grip with the light activation trigger on the rear.

Another feature of this grip is that there is a compartment in it that is accessed through a door in the bottom of the grip. This door can't be accidentally opened thus losing your items due to it requiring a knife or screwdriver or something similar to open by disengaging the catch on the back of the grip. You'll need to wrap your batteries or other parts in a small piece of cloth to prevent them from jiggling around in the grip.

This grip is really comfy and I do like the trigger activation of the light. It takes up a bit more space than a regular vertical grip, but if you like the grip with included light mounting capabilities, this is a good alternative to more expensive options. The ergonimic finger grooves make it a solid grip and being able to store extra batteries or parts in the grip is a great added benefit. Fab-Defense has a lot of good rifle accessories and they are distributed here in the US by The Mako Group and Cheaper than Dirt.

Colors: Black, OD, tan


Dylan said...

The intended method for operation is to wrap the fingers around the grip an activate the light by squeezing with the hand, rather than operating the switch like a trigger, to prevent the possibility of sympathetic trigger squeeze. We are trying to get the word out on the proper method of operation.

Jake said...

Per the company Mako Defense, many of the items they sell are considered firearms parts (this item included) and cannot be imported without the proper licenses and permits. So as a note.... but items like this from US based companies. Not only can the seller be prosecuted, but the buyer can as well.