Saturday, April 18, 2009

Arena Flakjak Goggles

With a name similar to that of the military flak jacket the Arena Flakjak goggles are pretty decent in both quality and function when compared to other brands that are more common in the military and tactical arenas. I received these goggles from HSS Gear/Stryke Airsoft & Paintball (at $65) and have worn these goggles on several occasions My brother has also been wearing them quite a bit too.

These goggles exceed ANSI safety standard Z87.1 2003 and Mil-Std-662E (as it relates to .22 cal., .17 grain, Type 2 fragmentation standards). They also provide UVA and UVB protection per ANSI Z80.3 standards.

My experience with these has been quite good. The one main concern when it comes to goggles being worn while performing activities where body heat increases is fogging. I used these in the cold NY winter and figured if fogging were going to occur it’d definitely happen in this environment. I did experience some condensation on the inside of the lenses, but no fogging. These goggles feature what Arena calls the Razorback anti-fog technology. Essentially they’re vents on the top and bottom of the goggles. The material of the vents attract dust to help prevent the dust from entering the goggles in dusty sandy environments. The lenses also have anti-fog properties to them and are very clear and do not get in your peripheral vision.

The strap on these goggles has some unique features. First, the attachment points rotate. This helps when the strap isn’t going straight back from the lens. At an angle the attachment points rotate appropriately. They are also designed so that you can rotate the strap in a manner that brings the lens out slightly from the frame to help when worn when wearing them with a helmet. I found it hard to get the straps to stay this way. The attachment point just kept rotating back to it’s normal position when I tried this. They worked just fine with a low profile helmet when worn in the normal manner though.

A protective cover is provided with the goggles that can be worn on the belt and has a seperate sleeve for an extra lens.

Comfort with these goggles is good. Strap adjustability and an ergonomic shaped foam face seal make them comfortable to wear even at extended periods.

There are additional lenses available for these goggles also. Standard anti-fog lens, Gray anti-fog lens, Anti-reflective lens, and a laser lens (provides 2 band laser protection when you may be in the vicinity where laser range finders and other lasers may be directed at you).

These goggles are a great alternative to the more expensive models available. I really think Arena is a brand sometimes overlooked, but is a decent company from what I’ve experienced from this product.

Colors Available:

MSRP: $80.00

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