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Thorlos Physical Training Sock

Thorlos is a small company with a big turnout of socks specifically designed for certain activities.‭ ‬I had used there combat boot socks in the past but wanted to see what else Thorlos had to offer.‭ ‬I spoke with the director of military sales for Thorlos regarding their products and I had a few sent to me for testing.‭ ‬Since I generally wear around a size‭ ‬8.5‭ ‬or‭ ‬9,‭ ‬depending on the footwear,‭ ‬I tested out a large and medium in each pair of socks tested due to the fact that medium goes up to a size‭ ‬8.5‭ ‬and large starts at size‭ ‬9.

A pair of socks that I have been using while working out are Thorlos‭' ‬Physical Training sock.‭ ‬These socks are designed with the athlete and military in mind to use during physical training to reduce foot and leg fatigue and protect your foot from the shoes.‭ ‬I've been wearing them for several months to see how they work.‭ ‬I've used them for running on the treadmill,‭ ‬running on the road,‭ ‬using the elliptical,‭ ‬and lifting weights.‭ ‬They are super comfy and just the right amount of cushioning without becoming too tight or hot.‭

Since I've already talked about sizing I'll cover that first.‭ ‬Here's an idea of my foot size by what size I wear in certain footwear...‭ ‬Altama jungle boots size‭ ‬7.5,‭ ‬New Balance size‭ ‬9,‭ ‬5.11‭ ‬footwear size‭ ‬9,‭ ‬Bates size‭ ‬8.5,‭ ‬UK gear‭ ‬8.5.‭ ‬The medium sock is smaller than the large,‭ ‬but in this particular pair of socks the difference wasn't noticeable when wearing the socks.‭ ‬Because I'm in between the sizes either would work well with these socks,‭ ‬although if I order more I will probably go with a medium.

Another aspect of sizing is proper fitting of the sock and the shoe you plan on wearing.‭ ‬It's always suggested that when you try on the shoes you should wear the socks that you'll be wearing on a day to day basis and try on the new shoes toward the end of the day.‭ ‬The reason for this is that your feet swell during the day and you want to try on new footwear when your feet are swollen from the days activities.‭ ‬You may need to wear a slightly larger size shoe when wearing these socks due to the protective padding of the socks.‭ ‬Always make sure there is enough room in the toe area as well to promote good circulation.

These socks have moderate cushioning which shouldn't effect the fit of your shoe too much to notice.‭ ‬The cushioning is enough to protect your foot,‭ ‬but doesn't overheat your feet like you might think they would.‭

Here are the specific features of these socks:

- My pet peeve of socks has always been the toe seam.‭ ‬With this pair of socks and all other Thorlos I've tried so far the seam is a flat seam.‭ ‬This makes a world of difference in comfort.

- Made with Thor‭•‬lon material which is durable and better wicking than traditional cotton socks.‭ ‬This does work well.‭ ‬After a long workout the socks are a little damp,‭ ‬but your feet aren't wet and sweaty like they normally would be.

- X-static silver fibers sewn into the foot area which give the socks permanent anti-microbial and anti-odor properties.‭ ‬This does work.‭ ‬Normally before a workout or a day of work I'll use a anti-odor foot spray to help with foot odor and help keep my shoes or boots from smelling.‭ ‬To test the silver fibers in Thorlos socks I haven't used this spray and haven't had any odor issues.

- Moderate cushioning in the ball/heel areas to reduce shock,‭ ‬impact,‭ ‬and prevents blisters.

- Thin cushioning at the instep provides protection of your foot from lace pressure.‭ ‬I tend to have my shoes snug when running and this thin cushioning helps prevent pressure on the nerves of the instep.

- 30‭ ‬day money back no risk trial.‭ ‬This shows the company's confidence in their product.

I have used several different brand of socks that are‭ “‬designed‭” ‬with sports and running in mind...and some of these socks I've tried aren't bad socks,‭ ‬but the Thorlos company has really put some thought in their socks and have gone above and beyond what most other brands have.‭ ‬Initially you'll think they're too thick and feel as though they'll be too warm,‭ ‬but give them a chance and I don't think you'll be disappointed.‭ ‬The physical trainer socks have performed as described so far and I feel they'll continue to perform without a problem.

Care Tips:
- Use liquid laundry detergent.
- Turn inside out when washing‭ & ‬drying.
- Do not iron or dry clean.
- Do not use bleach.
- Wash at normal temp,‭ ‬dry at medium temp.

Sizes:‭ ‬Medium,‭ ‬Large,X-Large
Colors:‭ ‬White,‭ ‬Black
MSRP:‭ ‬$13.99

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