Monday, February 2, 2009

The perfect Day Terrorist Scenerio

This post has been updated with new Beslan Videos.
This segment pertains to the terrorist threat against our schools. If you have children this will, as Glenn Beck says "scare the bat snot out of you", but it will also help you to be prepared. The "perfect day" for the terrorist would involve not only an attack on the US, but also the aftermath of that attack, and the start of the radical Islamic jihad. This scenerio is similar to what happened in Besal Russia, which experts and terrorist leaders say was a test run for what will happen in the US. In 2004 over 30 (most likely close to 50, some escaped with the hostages) Al Qaeda terrorists took over a Russian elementary school and held it's occupants hostage for 3 days before Russian military stormed the school. When it was all said and done 344 civilians were killed, 186 of them children, hundreds more were raped, tortured and beaten. See interviews of Brad Thor by Glenn Beck below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Beslan School Crisis

Lets not let this happen to our children!!!!

National School Safety & Security Services
National Terror Alert
Alerts USA

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