Friday, January 9, 2009

Clear-Shot lens cleaning kit

Clear Shot lens cleaning kits are self contained in an ABS plastic case that houses 2 cleaning cloths and a bottle of cleaning fluid. These kits are durable ...I've had one kicking around in the bottom of my duty pack and haven't had any problems with leaking or damage to the case. Even if the bottle of lens cleaning fluid were to leak, the case itself is resistant to leak because the caps are rubber and seal pretty well. They're perfect for not only eye wear but for camera and scope lenses as well.

The Case: Durable and rugged ABS plastic with rubber caps that are attached to the case via a short lanyard. This is nice because you don't go losing the caps. These cases are available in many different colors. The only thing I think I'd add to the case would be writing on the side indicating which spot contains the blue cloth, white cloth and cleaner. Mostly just for convenience sake more than anything. I did this myself with a sharpie marker. I've had this case kicking around in my duty bag for a while and it hasn't seen any damage and the fluid hasn't leaked.

The Fluid: The fluid is safe for all prescription, polarized, coated and tinted lenses. And is also safe for glass, plastic and polycarbonate surfaces. This non-toxic and biodegradable fluid does a good job at cleaning your lenses without leaving streaks or smears. The bottle is of a pump spray type and is refillable.

White cloth: This optical grade microfiber cloth is a softer, finer cloth designed for every day cleaning needs.

Blue cloth: Another optical grade chamois cloth that is thicker and designed for tougher cleaning needs. Although, if you have a lot of sand, mud, or grit on your lenses it's always best to flush the majority of it away with running water, then use the fluid and blue cloth.

I've found this kit to be useful when in the field. It's got it's own container and the fluid is of good quality and the cleaning cloths don't leave behind any dust or lint. Your lenses come crystal clean.

If you're a dealer you can also get these with custom case colors and custom logos.

Available colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Silver.

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