Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bug Band Products

Bug band products are a safe, effective alternative to deet repellents that are on most shelves. Deet is a pesticide that is not good for your skin or the environment and can be harmful to plastics, rubber and paint. In fact when I was working for the Sheriff's Office I had a brand new jacket ruined because a deet repellent got on it. I've also heard of sunglasses, watches and other plastic and rubber items being ruined by it. When I was in the Marines we were always told to put the deet repellent on out clothing and not directly on our skin because it is a skin irritant and it clogs up your pores so you overheat. It is also recommended to remove the deet product when it is not longer needed, which most people forget to do or don't know this is supposed to be done.

Bug band products use an oil derived from geraniums, known as geraniol which has no known toxicity to animals or wildlife. The geraniol give off an vaporous odor that repels insects and is a good area repellent.

Bug band sells several products with their geraniol repellent in them. One is their wrist band, hence the name Bug band. This is a band that comes in several different colors and is adjustable for any wrist size. It uses geraniols evaporation process to give an area reallent type effect. These can be worn on the wrist or attached to the belt, pack, etc, etc. It works for up to 120 hours when not in it's case and is water resistant. It has a breakaway feature too if it gets caught on anything. I've found that these wrist bands do work. They don't work as well as the spray or wipes, but they do work. I believe if you were to wear two of high on the body and one lower that it may help repel bugs better, but again, these do work and I love using these because they're convenient and don't require you to apply anything to your skin.

Another item are bugband towelettes. These come in a large box, large or small dispenser tubs, or small packages of 2. They have the insect repellent on them and they're super convenient for applying it to the body. I'd say that the 2 pack is just right for one person wearing shorts to cover the arms, legs, head, face and neck area. When I have my dog with me I take the wipe when I'm done with it and tie it to her collar to help keep the bugs away from her as well.

The last bug band product I was able to test was the pump spray. This comes in a more "civilian" style pump spray or a military styled spray bottle. This is your typical sump spray bottle that is used to apply the geraniol repellent to the skin. It will require you to rub the repellent into your skin after spraying it on though. I have had this bottle kicking around in my pack on several occasions and haven't had any leaks yet.

These products worked great for me. Again, the least effective product was the wrist band, but overall, all of these products were impressive. They also have a pleasant smell to them. Bug band has several other products like bead bags for area use, and spreadable geraniol for use in yards, playgrounds and pet bedding.

If you need to get rid of pesky bugs...Bug Band has something for you. They're effective, safe, and don't smell horrible!!

Update: One thing I've also found as an advantage with these products is that with products like "Off" I'm allergic to them and get sneezing like crazy... with these sprays and creams There isn't that allergic reaction!

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