Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Otterbox 1000 & 2000

Otterbox makes a ton of different types of boxes and cases to protect your electronics and any other gear you want to keep safe from the elements or damage. Cases for everything from PCs, to palm pilots, blackberries, etc, etc. Otterbox was named by it's founder due to it's original mandate, which was a waterproof box to protect items from damage. The otter (who's fur is waterproof) became the mascot of otterbox.

I received 2 new cases to try out. The Otterbox 1000 is a smaller box that fits a lot of flip phones perfectly. It's also good for other small items that you may need to keep safe, things such as jump drives, key fobs, medications, money and credit cards (makes a good temporary wallet when you plan on getting wet). This box, unlike most other Otterboxes is not padded on the inside. The reason for this is that if it were padded on the inside there wouldn't be much room for anything inside it. The exterior dimensions are 4.837" x 3.682" x 1.652" , Interior dimensions are 3.700" x 2.350" x 1". There is only one latch on this box which, like other otter boxes, has a break away feature to prevent you from accidentally damaging the latch by opening it too far. You'll notice that with this box I used some Tactical Camo stencils to give it a digital camouflage. The Krylon Fusion paint used for this adhered well to the Otterbox material.

The otterbox 2000 is a little bit bigger and it has found to be a great home for my TomTom. There is a little bit of extra room, but it's provided excellent protection for it. This box does have padding in it to help protect your items (this padding will crush to half it's thickness to get a nice snug fit for your gear and add a littl more room for larger items). It's good for thinner electronic devices and also would be good for things like a passport or other important paperwork. Exterior dimensions are 6.855" x 4.571" x 1.829" and Interior dimensions are 5.757" x 3.140" x 0.979". It's a little tight for putting a lot of items or larger items in, but again I've found something that it keeps safe on a daily basis and you can find otterboxes in most sizes.

Features that both boxes have are: ABS plastic contruction, a lanyard hole and webbing attachment points on both ends a small hole for a padlock to even further secure your items.

I haven't been nice to these boxes. I don't intentionally beat them up, but I'm not easy on them. They both have proven to be exceptional pieces of gear, as all the otterboxes I've tried. They keep my gear in good condition. Otterbox never seems to dissapoint me.

Colors: Blue, Yellow, Clear, Black.

1000 box - $11.49
2000 box - $17.95