Monday, September 22, 2008

Guardian Tactical Muzzle Cap

This is the Guardian Tactical Muzzle Cover from Max Tactical. With today's combat environments in both Iraq and Afghanistan our troops have been using muzzle caps to keep sand and other debris out of the barrel of their firearms. When I was in Iraq we didn't have these and didn't have the luxury of ordering anything like this so we ended up using duct tape to seal up the end of our firearms. These are a great improvement over duct tape. They also prevent water and snow from entering the barrel as well. All this can cause the barrel to get dirty and affect accuracy and at worst, cause the barrel to explode do to an obstruction in the barrel.

What's nice about these muzzle caps is that you don't have to remove them if you do not get the chance. If you have to shoot with the cap on it'll either fly straight off the rifle or the round will go through the cap with no influence on accuracy at shorter distances. If automatic or sustained fire is used while these caps are on they may melt to the barrel a little bit. This is a easy fix though as they're designed to be able to be wiped right off the barrel with a gloved hand while the barrel is still warm.

If you prefer to remove the cap before firing but want to keep it with the rifle you can attach it to the rifle by putting the barrel through the slits in the cap, as seen in the picture above. Again, with auto or sustained fire, melting may occur.

The cap also has ribs on it to help you take it off. One thing that other caps that I've seen do not have.

These caps fit most NATO rifles / firearms with compensator / flash hider, including M4 series, M16 series, FN FAL, L85, AUG, M249 Series, HK G3, G33, G36 Series, Famas, and more...

Another good use for these is as a safety muzzle cover for airsoft training rifles to ensure that if there is a negligent discharge the BB is stopped by the muzzle cover.

Max Tactical will also send them free to troops overseas (one to each troop) with only a $2 shipping fee. A nice support for our troops.

I recently tested these on my rifle (see video below) and they work as advertised and I was very impressed with their performance.

I use these on my rifle and it's definitely comforting to know that my barrel has that extra layer of protection.

Available in Tan and Black.

MSRP: $5.00

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