Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sure Set Holster Mount

I found this mounting option a short time ago by Sure Set Holster Mounts and thought that it was a very innovative and versatile system to mount your holster anywhere you may want to.

One reason it's so versatile is that it allows you to use whatever holster you want as long as it'll fit a belt from 1 1/4" to 2 1/16". You're not stuck with one specific holster. The way it does this is by providing you with a platform to mount your holster as if it were worn on a belt. All you have to do is slip the holster on to the mount. There are extra pieces of metal included in the package to make the mounting area wider or thicker for different holster styles.

The mounting options are unlimited. The mounting brackets can be adjusted every which way. The place I chose to mount mine was on the side of the bed. I got the package all ready with drill in hand planning on having to put holes in my bed frame to attach the mount. wasn't anywhere near that difficult. First I got my holster in place on the mount. After I did that I put one of the included bolts in the end of the holster mounting area (that simulates a belt) to be sure the holster didn't slip off the end. I chose to use a Uncle Mike's paddle holster, which worked fine on this mount. Then I found the instructions that inform you of a bed mounting bracket that is included. All you have to do with this bracket is put it in place and attach 3 bolts (2 below the bed frame, and one above it) and that's it. Job done. Wow....very easy. Obviously if you're attaching it to a wall or car or other surface, mounting will be different, but it was that easy with a bed. A nice thing about this is that if I want to use the holster, it just slips off and can be just as easily placed back on.

The holster mount includes all necessary mounting hardware (except wood screws if this is how you plan on mounting it), the bed bracket, and a locking cable (adjustable with the right tools).

This piece of gear is absolutely great. It's quite self explanatory and easy to figure out and work with. If you want to mount your pistol holster somewhere, be it in the car, bedside, on a wall, etc etc... this is a great option to do that. It's made of quality, durable metal and all components seem to be of great quality.

MSRP: $54.99

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