Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Evercare Fabric Shaver

This is a cool item by Evercare that I picked up at Target a while back. It gets rid of pilling on clothing. Pilling for those that don't know what it is are those little cotton balls, or fuzz balls that build up on certain pieces of clothing over time. Mostly found on socks and fleece. When these little balls of cloth build up on socks it can cause "hot spots" and make the socks uncomfortable. Instead of throwing the socks away you can get rid of these little cotton balls with this shaver.

To use you simply turn it on and lightly rub it back and forth and in circles on the piece of clothing. You may have to add a little more pressure for larger pilling, but start light because you don't want to damage the material. When you're done, there is a piece on the front that pops off to empty the shaver.

You can see the before and after really works. This version is an older version, but you can still find it here. Newer versions are available just by googling "evercare fabric shaver".

Average price is around $12-13.

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