Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well P90 AEG Airsoft Gun

This is an entry level airsoft gun, made by Well, that my younger brother got from Airsplat ( link to item). This is definitely a gun for someone that doesn't want anything to do with a serious game of airsoft. It's ok for plinking around the back yard shooting at soda cans, but when it comes to game play you might as well throw in the towel before it begins.
Here are the features of the gun:
1 - Electronic functioning

2 - 200fps with .12g BBs
3 - Integrated rail system

4 - Included a flashlight and red dot sight
5 - 400 rounds high cap mag

The first thing you notice is that this gun is made almost completely of plastic. It doesn't necessarily have a cheap fell, but it doesn't really feel all that solid either.
The magazine included is the main downfall of this gun. It is not spring loaded and the BBs are completely loose in the gun. Not only is this bad tactically (bad noise discipline as the BBs are loud when moving) but the lack of a spring loaded magazine means that the BBs don't reliably feed. You have to aim the gun in an upward
direction to get the BBs to feed and even then it's not consistent. Plus, the opening for the BBs (in the magazine) tends to dump the BBs all over when the mag is not in the gun if you're not paying attention. I haven't found a spring loaded P90 mag for this gun, but if one was available it might remedy some of these problems.
This gun is only fully semi-auto.
The gun has a tendency to jam as well. We sprayed plenty of WD40 in the barrel and cleaned it to try to remedy this, but it only slightly helped.
We also tried biodegradable BBs in this gun but they broke in the barrel and caused all sorts of jamming issues. I looked into this and read that Bio-BBs are best used in spring loaded guns. So those issues were our own fault.
As for the Light and sight. The sight is adjustable and ok for airsoft play, but it is lower quality. The light is ok, again, for airsoft play if used in a small area for CQB, but it isn't very bright. It's made of plastic and appears to be an LED, but if it is in fact an LED it's of lower quality.
This gun basically gets no play time as it's very unreliable. It's an ok gun for beginners just getting into airsoft and need some backyard practice, but for actual game play I'd stay away from this gun.


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Chris said...

Yeah, i hate the that its not spring loaded. This was my first gun and I still use it every now and then. Overall, I would give it a 2/5.