Wednesday, June 11, 2008

G-shock 5600e

This G-shock is the most basic G-shock you can get. That being said, don't believe for one minute though that it is any less durable. This watch is very tough and probably one of the most widely worn due to its low price but high quality. I have one and have been wearing it off and on for a while now and consider it my "beater" watch. It is one of the thinner G-shocks as well, which makes it great for wearing under sleeves, or by those that don't like the chunky nature of most G-shocks. One thing that this model lacks is the thick bezel. The bezel on this g-shock is thinner and doesn't protect the face as well as some other g-shocks, but, more than likely this won't make too big of a difference for normal wear. Plus, if the face gets cracked, this watch is so inexpensive it can easily be replaced.

Here are some of the features:

1- Time, day, date

2- Backlight with flash alert

3- Alarm ( can be set to specific date, month or specific day in every month)

4- Countdown timer

5- Stopwatch

6- resin Band

7- shock resistant

8- Water resistant (200m)

9- Hourly chime

Like I said, the basics. One thing that drives me nuts with this watch is that, when setting anything, you can only advance the can't go backward. A small thing, but something that I think is worth noting.

Another thing that isn't necessarily a bad thing is that the buttons can sometimes be hard to push because the bezel serves as a shroud around them and you may have to use your finger nail, especially on the "adjust" button. But overall.....a great basic watch that should last for years!

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